domenica 22 agosto 2010


This morning we removed front bumper, splash and grille on the '53 so later today we can remove also the radiator to check if the problem is the timing as we tought!

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Rings are done, they still need to be cleaned up a little and to be burnished, so they'll get the right dark color! All the work was made in a shop called "Il Crogiolo" in Cervignano (UD) Italy. It's a small shop where father and son work any kind of precious metal, gems, stones and a lot of other materials in the good ol' way, here you cannot find all the fashion stainless steel jewels, but only true craftmanship. If you need some custom work done this is the place to go, when I'll post the finished rings pictures I'll also write the contact informations of the shop.

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martedì 17 agosto 2010


last saturday and sunday I did a BBQ at home with some friends of mine, here are some pics!


Making some more rings, wax is ready so the rings should be ready soon!

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sabato 7 agosto 2010

Wrenching in the garage

This morning we removed the oil pan to check what's wrong with that engine and everything seems to be new, just a little of muddy oil in the step will be bumper, grille and radiator removal to check what's going on under the timing cover! Can't wait to get it fixed and start cruisin!

The chevy already have dropped uprights and a lot of new parts, she only needs some good cleaning!!

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lunedì 2 agosto 2010

Some more of the new chevy


2 rochesters with finned offy intake and fenton cast iton headers

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